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"My wife and I have known Glenn Plunkett for almost 10 years now. We had just navigated a tumultuous affair of buying several investment properties with at least a dozen partners without really fully knowing what we were doing. When we met Glenn at one of his accounting seminars, we were impressed by his breadth of knowledge and multi layered business/real estate experience. We decided to engage him as our accountant but didn’t realize at that time the kind of value for money he would provide for us over the years. He is so much more than an accountant, and has given us crucial advice that has not only kept us out of trouble, but also advises us how to maximize our personal tax situation in ways we never would have realized. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, he usually has a solution by thinking ‘outside of the box’. "

Joe MacKinnon and Estela Torres

“The Accounting Store’s level of assistance goes beyond just accounting services. They advise and recommend tips on management and tools to support my small business which has been very helpful. Glenn is very personable, approachable and his ability to remotely access my PC in order to investigate or resolve any bookkeeping issues is a testament to the level of customer service they provide. One of the other benefits of using this firm’s services are they are always there to investigate and resolve any issues that may arise inclusive of contacting the CRA on my behalf if an error may have occurred. The clients, who I provide consulting services to, all require tax returns to be prepared, and they have all been pleased with The Accounting Store’s work.

I’m happy with my decision to have moved my corporate tax work (2 companies) as well as my personal tax work to Glenn. I have referred The Accounting Store to numerous people, and will continue to do so. Glenn thanks very much for all of your assistance.”

Gregg Medwid, Owner, BC Executor Support, Coquitlam

“The Accounting Store was referred to me and I’m extremely satisfied with this firm’s services and fair pricing. One of the many advantages is the professional customer support they provide. They are always available, friendly, and return calls and e-mails in a timely fashion. Their outstanding attention to detail ensures that every aspect and angle of any given situation is looked at and scrutinized. Advice and recommendations are always expressed, in terms that the average person can understand and backed up with detailed supporting information. I highly recommend The Accounting Store to any business that is looking for a full service accounting firm.”

Chris Bonkowski, Owner, Westsite Development, Burnaby