Vicki Wang

Vicki Wang graduated from University of Sydney Technology, Bachelor of Business and major in accounting. She also earned a Masters degree of Applied Finance from University of Western Sydney.

Her career began with Starlight Children’s Foundation in accounts payable. During her time at Starlight, she was proud of being a volunteer and appreciated being able to lend a helping hand to children. To utilize her accounting knowledge, she began working as a bookkeeper at Australia-China Organisation Pty Ltd and she recorded daily activities related to real estate development. She enjoyed working there as she could grow with the start up organisation.

In 2012, Vicki moved to Calgary, Canada where she again worked in accounts payable. In 2014 she relocated to Vancouver and joined The Accounting Store as a bookkeeper in September 2014.  After a year, she promoted to staff accountant. Vicki performs a variety of accounting duties, they include bookkeeping, payroll, filing GST, Corporate year-ends, preparing personal tax returns and corporate tax returns.  Vicki has worked with a wide variety of clients over the years. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve business success by providing accurate accounting services in a timely manner and ensuring they are in compliance with accounting standards and tax law.

Vicki was born in Shanghai, she speaks English and Mandarin. Currently she is studying toward an accounting designation through Chartered Professional Accountant of Canada (CPA) at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her goal is to become a designate accountant within two years. She likes shopping, travelling and volunteers with animal rescue.



她的职业生涯开始于星光儿童基金会,作为应付账款。她在星光下的时间,让她成为一个志愿者, 同时能为帮助生病的孩子而感到自豪。为了更好的利用她的会计知识,她开始在澳大利亚 – 中国组织有限公司担任记帐员,主要记录有关房地产开发的收入与支出。她喜欢在那里工作,因为她可以与刚刚起步的公司一起成长。

2012年, 王彦芸搬到加拿大,并于2014年9月加入TAS作为簿记员。一年后,她晋升为会计师,分配的职责涉及记帐,工资,GST,公司年终,准备个人报税表T1和公司退税T2。她多年来一直与各种客户合作。她致力于通过会计服务,查询截至日期和遵守会计职责,帮助客户实现业务成功。