Start-up consulting

Owning your own business is a dream come true for many, but it can quickly become a nightmare without the right advisor by your side. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses move from start-up to success, so our advice is based on what really works. If you have big dreams and financial goals, we can help you with a road map to achieve them. We’ll help you with systems and processes to free you up so you can spend more time working on your business and less time working in your business.

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Business records are one of the keys to success! But most small business owners have better things to do than spending hours entering transactions in their books.

We have a solution for you. We’ll move your books to the cloud using Xero and HubDoc. There are hundreds of additional apps that can be integrated with Xero. We can set up a combination of apps to provide you with the solution to your business needs.

An economical choice

Moving your bookkeeping to the cloud doesn’t just save you time, it also saves you money. Besides your bookkeeping, other back-office functions can be moved to the cloud for a seamless, automated system that improves efficiency and accuracy.

Here to serve you

Outsource your bookkeeping to us and we’ll simplify your life. We can do as much or as little as you need, and our services can expand as your business grows.

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Project management with WorkflowMax

  • When integrated with Xero WorkflowMax provides a total cloud-based business solution for creative agencies, architects, engineers, surveyors, IT companies, construction firms, consultants and anyone else who bills by time.
  • A single platform for all your job management needs; from quotes to timesheets, job tracking and costing to project management and reporting, invoicing, lead management and more. WorkflowMax is used by more than 8500 service businesses.

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Corporate year-end financial statements

If you need to provide financials to your banker, vendors, shareholders or investors, we can help you with your annual financial statements. Year-end financials are a great way to evaluate your performance and to get an overview of operating expenses.

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We pay attention to the details of your tax work while we see the big picture. Attention to details means we seek out every deduction and credit you are entitled to. Our big picture perspective means tax saving strategies that make sense over the long-term.

Corporate income tax

Corporate tax laws are complex, so we’ll help simplify what you need to do to stay in compliance. Our experienced team will take care of all your corporate income tax filings, including sales taxes. We take the time to explain the laws in simple language so you understand what your tax-saving options are.All our tax work is done with an eye toward saving you tax over the long run.

Personal income tax

We’ll look at the whole landscape of your financial life to be sure you’re not missing out on opportunities to save on tax and to build your personal financial security. You’ll get every deduction and credit you’re entitled to. We’ll help you plan for next year and the future with creative ideas that make sense for you. And we’ll always take the time to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Estate tax

Unless you plan carefully, the CRA could take a considerable tax bite from the assets you want to leave to loved ones after your death. We’ll work with you to create a plan to maximize what your heirs receive and minimize any taxes due on your final return. We also work with executors to minimize the taxes owed on final returns and to settle estates.

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Tax planning

When was the last time your accountant discussed tax saving ideas with you?

We do that every day for our clients. When you work with us, our goal is for you to pay the least tax possible over your lifetime. We’re always looking for creative ideas that save you money on taxes while building your personal wealth.

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Joint Ventures in real estate

Joint ventures can be an excellent way to share risk and profit in real estate projects. They can be an affordable entry point  into real estate investment. However, without attention to proper structuring and execution, they can go terribly wrong.

Our breadth of knowledge and multi-layered real estate and business experience makes us the perfect advisor for planning and executing your joint ventures in real estate. We can advise you on all aspects, from determining the appropriate structure to ensuring your tax and compliance issues are taken care of.

Real estate joint ventures advice